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Today MPB is a developed concept where diffusion, service, consulting and production come together to provide a proposal that meets all the requirements of the MPB target. According to this, the company has developed a structured Training Division, dedicated to those who wish to keep pace with today’s technology, using a training concept suitable for the special issues of telecommunications and electromagnetic fields.


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Training activities are characterized by an innovative approach that allows participants to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the courses. The selection made by MPB in choosing their teachers, guarantees a high level quality.

The courses are held in the company’s headquarter or in our customers' companies, ensuring all the necessary equipment to perform the tests. Putting theory into practice is one of the major aspects of the Training Division

Having an entire training division on these aspects, demonostrates the attention that MPB pays to research, documentation and creation of case history. MPB is been dealing with this aspects since the very beginning, that is why it comes natural to turn our knowledge in high quality training courses.


Our courses are held by highly qualified physicians and engineers with years of experience in the field.

Type of courses

The courses organized by MPB are created ad hoc on customer needs:

  • Theoretical and practical courses at our training center.
  • On-site training. Our teachers will take care of all the necessary equipment for the course. Offer available from a minimum of 7 participants.
  • Customized training. Ad hoc training program based on specific needs / customer requirements



    Intensive measurement course of radio frequency electromagnetic fields
    The course aims to give its participants the basics of technical and regulatory measures to enable RF electromagnetic field and report measurement technique. The practical session includes making a measurement of an electromagnetic field in a real environment.


    Intensive course on low frequency electromagnetic fields measurement
    The course aims to give its participants technical and regulatory basics that allow them to make low frequency electric and magnetic field measurements and consequently draw up reports. The practical session implies making measurement of a low frequency electric and magnetic field in a real environment.

  • CEM

    RF electromagnetic field: environmental monitoring techniques
    Definition of the size of interest of electromagnetic fields. Reference regulation. Electromagnetic fields measurements instrumentation and accessories.

  • ANT

    Basics of radio propagation and antennas
    Theory of radio propagation. Antennas for radio communication systems

  • INC

    Uncertainties in the measurement of electromagnetic fields
    Evaluating and expressing uncertainty in broadband EMC measurements and narrowband analysis.

  • ADS

    Use of the Spectrum Analyzer
    Optimize the use of the spectrum analyzer in the measurement of electromagnetic fields, examining ways to reduce the error that the measurement involve.

  • ELF

    ELF Theory and measurements (Extremely Low Frequency) and regulations
    The course aims to provide the knowledge necessary for performing environmental measurements of CEM low frequency in accordance with technical regulations and laws.