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MPB taratura strumenti misura

Calibration is the act of checking the functioning an electronic instrument to verify its features according to the manufacturer's original technical specifications. To do so we make a comparison of measures with a reference instrument defined sample. In order to do that we compare measures obtained with a sample instrument. If during the calibration phase the equipment does not show its original specifics, then it is necessary to repair it. This phase is called calibration.

Thanks to partnerships with specialized laboratories and certified LAT, we can offer different types of calibration:

  • Standard calibration

    A standard calibration is a procedure developed by the laboratory that performs the operation. In some cases, if the laboratory has obtained Certification of quality, this procedure is covered by the certificate.

  • LAT calibration

    LAT calibration can be performed only by laboratories accredited by Accredia.

    The main parameters for the calibration LAT are:

    • Frequency
    • Power
    • Attenuation
    • VSWR/ROS
    • AM and FM Modulation and Noise (radio frequency and microwave)
    • Field strength and temperature
    • Ac/Dc voltage
    • Ac/Dc current
    • Ac/Dc Resistance and capacity.
  • (LQT) LAT equivalent calibration

    It is a LAT calibration equivalent given internationally.

The certificate is the statement that the instrument is compliant with the manufacturer's specifics. The measured values are not reported.



MPB riparazione

MPB can repair a wide range of electronic equipment: Radio frequency, Microwave and testing systems EMC.

All our electronic equipment's repairs are performed with new and original spare parts. After the repair the measuring equipment is subject at least to 24 hours test cycles.

The documentation available for our laboratory and the know-how gained in many years of activity, give our specialized technicians the opportunity to perform repairs also with obsolete instrumentation, where finding spare parts is very difficult.


The warranty on MPB new products can be extended over 24 months through customized solutions.



Do you want to evaluate the equipment before buying it? The MPB rent may be your best bet.

MPB offers the following rental conditions for all measuring instruments:

  • first week: 15% of the list price
  • second, third and fourth week: 10% of list price
  • second month: 9.5% of the list price (per week)
  • third month: 9% of the list price (per week)



Our option provides a temporary replacement instrument during the calibration.