NMR-T table for EMC laboratory

Table for EMC Laboratory

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EWB-P8 wide band probe

EWB-P8 electric wide band probe

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NMR-03 non-magnetic and non-reflective tower for antenna

NMR-03 non-magnetic tower for antenna

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RADI-CEM Personal Protection Equipment selective

RADI-CEM selective Personal Protection Equipment

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SEP selective triaxial isotropic antenna

Selective triaxial isotropic antenna

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tripodnon magnetic non reflective

Non-magnetic and non-reflective tripod

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SEMS mpb measuring instrumets

Shielding Effectiveness Measurement System

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CCM contact current meter

Safety at work, Contact Current Meter

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prodotti mpb misuratori di campo


Measuring instruments, antennas, EMI-EMC system, hight and low frequency sensors

progettazione mpb misuratori di campo


The R & D department research, develop and realize measuring instruments and shielding effectiveness system

servizi mpb misuratori di campo


Repair, sell, rent and calibration of measuring instruments and test equipment

Measuring instruments and test equipment

MPB provides solutions and innovations in the world of telecommunications and industry through high-tech products such as Electromagnetic Compatibility field meters, measuring instruments for electromagnetic shielding and test equipment.