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MPB has signed a new international partnership.

Thanks to the sales of the SEP (Selective isotropic 3-axis antenna) in Italy, in the sector of Broadcasting Radio and TV, MPB has signed an agreement with the well-known company Telecomunicazioni Aldena.

partnership MPB Aldena

Telecomunicazioni Aldena has been operating in the business for more than 35 years; it is present in 135 countries and is leader in the production of antennas and accessories for radio and TV broadcasting.

The SEP (Selective Electric Isotropic 3-axis Antenna), thanks to its single axis selective reading function from 100 kHz to 3.6 GHz, allows evaluating in which polarization the transmission antenna is working. By having the 3-axis isotropic antenna directly connected to the spectrum analyzer, all errors taken into account for the calculation of the measurement uncertainty are reduced.

The absence of the coaxial cable (fiber optic connection) makes it possible for the operator to perform quick and reliable measurements.

MPB will continue to distribute the SEP in Italy, while Telecomunicazioni Aldena will promote it, among its broadcasting clients, all over the world, through its network of distributors.

The goal that MPB and Telecommunications Aldena want to achieve, is to offer, beyond Italian borders, a unique solution in terms of technological innovation and precision in EMF, providing unique features of antenna isotropy and repeatability of the measure.