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the design department of MPB is always looking for innovative and optimized solutions, in order to meet the need for always more detailed measurements and to the constantly changing regulations in the field of of electromagnetic and radio frequency test measurements.

Measuring instruments design

MPB progettazione

At first MPB’s aim was only to provide quality electrical equipment to its customers. Over time the company has become a more and more reliable, respected and well known in the radio frequency (RF) measuring sector and EMC field.

MPB has consolidated through the years his know-how in the area of electromagnetic fields, being therefore able to develop a R & D department. In order to reach the new goal, the company has invested in a lab equipment and in a highly quantified staff.
Our lab is fully equipped with high quality precision instruments, such as the TEM cell, the GTEM cell and an anechoic chamber, which allows to develop and to test solutions up to 40 GHz.

Customers are extremely satisfied with the new formula, consisting of development in hi-tech equipment and repairs within the same company.
In the 2010 MPB has created his first product, the SEMS, that is the opening jewel of the new production activities. Our R & D team has then focused on safety at work, designing new products such as the MSA-210 (to test electromagnetic field lighting), the PM50-D (personal device to test magnetic fields) and the CCM (to test the contact current that flows through the human body).

Today the MPB brand is leader in both national and international markets in the field of electromagnetic instruments and radio frequency test equipment.

Integrated system design

MPB progettazione

MPB also designs integrated systems according to the required specifications, to meet all its customer needs (DMS-60-10).

The multiple dynamics in the sector of the measurements, the continuous increase of the frequency spectrum used and always changing directives, involve the need to develop integrated systems more and more improved.

The experience and professionalism of the MPB's staff is at your disposal for the design of the best integrated system to solve your problem.